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About Us

Having 20 years experience in this industry, we source our essential oils thoroughly from reputable distillers and manufacturers all over the world. All oils are checked using GCMS and not diluted unscrupulously with solvents or carrier oils.

All species type of our oils will be mentioned on our product. So that you know what you are exactly getting. Most essential oils have several species and the price could be very different for every species. Hence, do make sure you get what you paid for! While chasing dollars, too many marketing terms have been created to confuse consumers on the simple basic use of essential oils. With us, we believe, ethics should be prioritized first over profits, thus the creation of Willing Scent.

Flower Buds


Our Vision is to provide the purest quality of essential oil at a reasonable price, in an ethical way.


All consumers can look forward to enjoying aromatherapy without compromising on quality.


Consumers should not have sales targets to meet to enjoy the uses and benefits of essential oils that nature has provided us. Usage of essential oils supposed to help us relax, destress and enjoyable, not burning our pockets at the same time.

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