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I am looking to get lemongrass and peppermint for 50ml size, really love the oil and it make me feel like I'm in Thailand.


Your oils have spoken to themselves, my colleagues would like to get all the

oil range as well as the

Nebuliser Diffuser :) 


These oils that I bought from you are really amazing , good quality oil and the Nebuliser Diffuser is working very well all my colleagues love it. Going to finish soon, Will placed my order again.


White Grass_edited.png

Great product! Love the oils and Nebuliser Diffuser that was placed in the car and office, smell super good!


Place the lemongrass EO in my bathroom and its smell amazing! Feel like in the resort! The reed stick looks cute too!


Customer Testimonials: Testimonials

I like it! Your essential oil can tell is really good oil. Love your lemon :)


Love all your oils and Nebuliser Diffuser, it makes the whole room smells so relaxing and calming :)


I have mixed your oils (Petitgrain, Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus & Citronella) for my kiddo's Teacher as an immunity oil blend. 


White Grass_edited.png

My Mentor love the Eucalyptus.


I just wanted to text you, my hub was telling me the oil super nice smell and the reed ball stick is working very well.


Well received the item! The essential oil legit boost my mood with just a whiff.


It smells amazing & really helps brighten my mood and put a smile on my face after a tired day :)


Your essential oil quality and the smells really good even the price are very reasonable, will definitely introduced to others :)


White Grass_edited.png

Bought your peppermint pure eo and blend for topical use. Just a few drops on my curtain and the smell is very lasting and amazing!

Zi qing

Diffuse your Geranium pure eo and it smells very good i like it :)


Good products and reasonable price too, love the lavender & Eucalyptus in the reed ball stick.


Yesterday tried the Lavender scent with the reed ball stick, very calming, looking forward to the good later :)

Ms. Lai

Your peppermint is really good, strong! I use it to lure he roach out and it works!

Ms. Ng

White Grass_edited.png

I like the smell for all 3 oils, next i will be ordering the Nebuliser Diffuser and 1 more bottle of Lavender & Eucalyptus.


I tried your essential oil so fresh & smell real dont smell synthetic, very nice!


Thank you for all the goodness, it smells really so good and it also calm my hair scalp when I massage with your Tea Tree, Lemon, Peppermint oil blend.

Ms Ooi

 Love the cooling effect of Peppermint & Eucalyptus blend together. It helps to clear my respiratory system.


My kids room smell very nice and I tried the diffusers at my dining area, can smell it too. Love the timer and function.

Mrs. Lim

White Grass_edited.png

No regrets getting Clary Sage! Damn nice and smells abit like medical herbal but its very pleasant! I am spoilt by the choices :)

Ms. Ting

The Nebulizer Diffuser very solid, the orange & lemongrass smells really good!

Serene. L

Love Clary Sage Eo very  comfortable it helps to ease my tension and keeps my mind calm, good for mediation & yoga. I can feel my insomnia, depression improved and mind sharper.

Ms. Lim

Your Lavender smells very & good quality, it helps to soothe my itchy and burning skin.


The Clary Sage EO not only smells good with health benefit it also helps to reduce my negative and unhappiness. I added few drops with water and spray on my head whenever I have bad feelings with my boss. 

Chin Yan

White Grass_edited.png

Really like the lemongrass and lavender. Calming and relaxing, like as if I'm in a spa. Will order again when finished :)


Love your Lemon & your Frankincense smells great!

Ms. Sim

Love your peppermint, very soothing and keep me awake. Lavender very calming & Geranium smells so good, both good for my sleep.


My kids love the lemon smell and I love the lavender and lemongrass, placed in toilet and its nice!


Repeat order, really love your Clary Sage alot,  I have been using Clary Sage, Lavender and orange for sleep patient.

J. Xie

White Grass_edited.png

I've mixed Frankincense & Lavender and love it so much. The quality is so good and it blend very well!

Ms. Chong

Love the Lemongrass and the Nebuliser Diffuser. Placed it in the car and everyone says smells good and refreshing!


Bought Geranium, Lavender & Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil. Fully support local business! Love the smell and will surely purchase more!

YY Soon

The smell for Geranium & Lavender is really nice and truly 100% pure oil. Will definitely purchase again!

Mr. Chan

Repeat order, for the lemongrass and it really smells good quality!


White Grass_edited.png

Love the oils and the Reed Stick is very useful it really absorb the smell very quickly.


Been using their Lemon & Orange EO for  few days and I find it not too bad and I do enjoy more citrus EO. Waiting for Bergarmot :)


Seller is very patience and detailed when explaining the essential oils. Have tried the oils and really good. will order again.

Fred Chew

Mixed a few drops of bergamot with lotion and massage on my tired leg, and realized next day I have a good long sleep.   

Ms. Sharon

I am in love with your Bergamot. Very good quality. Will definitely get again :)

Ms. Chee

White Grass_edited.png

I really love your geranium, orange and my mom prefer peppermint and lemongrass. I do my own essential oil air freshener using your EO and your Bergamot is superb, we all love it!


I smell the bergamot very similar to earl grey and blend with lemon is super refreshing and energizing, thank you seller for the recommendation.

Min Min

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