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FAQs on Nebuliser Diffuser

You Asked, We Answered

1. How many hours can a 15ml bottle of Pure EO diffuse?

15s mode – 80 to 100 hours
60s mode – 20 to 25 hours
120s mode – 10 to 12.5 hours


2. How to know when the battery is fully charged?

When the red light stops blinking (Solid red light), it means that the battery is fully charged.
This process will take 2 to 6 hours.
*The red light is located on top of the charging port
*6 hours for the first-time charging
*It is normal after some time of repeating charging the nebuliser result in decreasing in battery efficiency

3. How long can a fully charged battery last?

15s mode – about 72 hours
60s mode – about 16 hours
120s mode – about 8 hours

4. When diffusing, why at times I can see the Mist, at times I cannot see the Mist?

It is normal that you cannot see the mist, as the nebuliser is using cold diffusion pressure technology to breakdown the essential oil into micro fine vapor that is only 1-3 microns and different oil has different properties. Therefore, so long you can smell the scent it means the Nebuliser is functioning properly.

5. How big an area can the Nebuliser Diffuser diffuse up to?

Given an area height of 2.5m, it can diffuse up to 60 – 100m2 in a closed environment.
For a larger area, we recommend setting the mode at 120s and diffuse for an extended period of time.

6. Colour availability?

Available in Metallic dark grey. (Refer to the top picture).

7. How to maintain/cleanse Nebuliser?

  • To diffuse “Alcohol” in the Nebuliser. (Preferably on a biweekly basis for daily user)

  • Cleaning Alcohol 15ml bottle is included in the Nebulizer package

  • For future use, you can purchase from us separately

  • Insert with Nozzle & Straw using 120s Mode for at least 30mins, up to 1 hour

  • After removing the alcohol bottle, clear and wipe dry all the excess alcohol in the Nozzle & Straw

  • Reuse the emptied 15ml alcohol bottle and refill with purchased cleaning alcohol for next use

Note: During this process, please keep away from children and fire source​

8. What should you do if you see the pure essential oil spilling on top of the Nozzle?

Diffuse with Alcohol – refer to Question 7
Likely the nozzle needs cleansing as it is stuck.

9. If my Nozzle spoiled or is not diffusing as strong as before, what should i do?

Try diffusing with our cleaning alcohol for longer time (2hours in 120 sec mode), otherwise, you may get a new Nozzle from us.

10. Can I diffuse water soluble essential oil or diluted essential oil (added with carrier oil, alcohol or solvents, etc) or perfume or other fragrance?

No, you can only use 100% pure botanical essential oil or high volatile oil without impurities. (Preferable our Pure EO as we guarantee the authenticity of our oils).

11. Can I use other brand that also stated “100% Pure Essential Oil”?

Yes, you can, but it is not advisable as we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the essential oil.

12. Can I diffuse the Pure EO using the nebulizer near a fire source like stove or candle?

EO are mostly flammable and should never be diffuse near fire source.

13. Is this covered under warranty?

Yes, the Nebuliser has 1 (One) Month warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any electronic functional defect or failure.

Do not cover damage:

  1. Caused by negligence (if the Nebuliser has been placed in a slanted position causes the oil to Leak into the Nebuliser and spoil, dropped and not able to operate, etc)

  2.  Due to charging in car as the current from the start of car engine will damage the nebuliser

  3. Using other brand pure essential oil (as we cannot guarantee the ingredient for other brand)

14. When I am trying to take out the bottle in the Nebuliser, I realise the Nozzle will have a high-pressure pop-up effect, is this normal?

Yes, it is, as the Nebuliser is waterless & heatless, they are using cold diffusion pressure technology to breakdown the essential oil into micro fine vapor for better dispersing and absorption. However, it is advisable not to place your face near the diffuser when you are trying to open the nozzle.

15. Can I insert my Nozzle inside the Nebuliser without the essential oil bottle?

No, you should not, as you will not be able to pop-up the Nozzle without the essential oil bottle.

16. I realised after some usage, there will be some essential oil on the top panel of the nebuliser, what should I use to wipe it off?

You may use alcohol or use a clean cloth to wipe.

17. Can I use other Cable for charging?

Yes, so long it is within 5V output. You may use Micro-USB or similar cable type that will effectively show the red-light blinking.

18. Can I charge and on it to diffuse at the same time?

No, we advise you turn off the power while charging.

Video on how to use the Nebuliser Diffuser

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