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Safety Concerns 

Always choose pure and therapeutic-quality Essential Oil to avoid diluted batches and the addition of potentially harmful chemicals.

Woman Sleeping

Lavender - 4 drops

Clary Sage - 2 drops

Frankincense - 2 drops 

(Can replace with ginger)


Peppermint - 5 drops

Orange - 4 drops

Eucalyptus - 3 drops 

Tea Tree - 2 

Hand Sanitizer

Eucalyptus - 3 drops

Bergamot - 2 drops

Lavender - 2 drops 

Lemon - 2 drops

Tea Tree - 1 

Sleep Well

Breathe Easy

Anti-bacteria & Anti-fungal

How Much Deep Sleep Diffuser Blend Should I Use? 

We recommend using about 3-5 drops of oil per 100mL of water, but always double-check on your own condition!

So, let’s say you have a large diffuser that holds 500mL of water–you can use as many as 15-25 drops of essential oils

(though you can adjust down if you want). 


Can You Sleep With an Aromatherapy Diffuser On?

Yes, as long as your diffuser has an automatic shutoff when it runs out of water. Our Nebuliser diffusers also have timers so they turn off on 1/2/3 Hours based on your setting.

If you don’t want to diffuse essential oils for sleep, you can do your own blend of roll-on essential oils for sleep topically!  


How Do You Use Calming Sleep Blend Oils? 

Deep sleep diffuser blends are extremely versatile. You can: 

  • make up your own diffuser blend ahead of time and store it in a dropper bottle,

  • make a room spray or linen spray to use for yourself or your little ones just before bed,

  • dilute with a carrier oil like grapeseed oil or jojoba oil and use a DIY roller to make your own roll-on blend (simply roll on the bottom of your feet, the inside of your wrists, and/or your temple right before bed) 

  • or you can also use it in the bath for a relaxing soak before bed.

Tips for Making Your Own Deep Sleep Diffuser Blends 

There’s no right or wrong way to combine oils when you’re making your own deep sleep diffuser blends, but you do want to make sure you avoid oils like rosemary that will have an invigorating effect. Basically, if it smells good to you and you start to feel relaxed as soon as you smell it, it’s doing its job. (Note: For a start, we will recommend a 2% dilution and increase slowly to make sure it doesn't irritate.) Refer to FAQ for dilution chart.

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